Project Initialization#

We encourage all teams to use Slack and GitHub to coordinate sharing of ideas, data and code.

Project Name#

Before getting started, you’ll need a name for your project. A team exploring snow surface temperatures used the name “hot-pow”, and one looking at ice-ocean interactions was called “floes-are-swell”. Keep it short and memorable, and most of all, have fun!

Create a new Slack channel#

  1. Click “+” icon next to Channels list in Slack sidebar -> “Create a channel”

  2. Use short project name

  3. Invite your team members Slack members

Use our GitHub Project Template#

We have created a GitHub template that is pre-populated with directories and a README layout the we find works well with most teams.

We encourage all teams to create a new GitHub repository within the GeoSmart Hackweek Organization, even if it is just to point to an already-existing repository or package your team is contributing to for their project.


  • Select the “GeoSmart Hackweek/sample_project_repository” template:


  • Name your repository using a short name.

  • We recommend choosing “Public” (so other participants can follow progress). You can also select Private for now and make Public before final presentation.

Create a new GitHub team within the GeoSmart Hackweek Organization#

GitHub teams provide a convenient way for you to set permissions on your project repository for groups of people, rather than having to do this for each individual on your team.

  1. Go to: (or click the “Teams” tab near the top of the GitHub Organization page)

  2. Click green “New team” button

  3. Use your short project name for “Team name”

  4. Set the team to visibility “Visible”

  5. Click on the “Create Team” button

  6. Add all team members by clicking the “Members” tab and the green “Add a member” button

Add the project team to your project repo#

  1. Go to the new repository you just created

  2. Click “Settings” tab in upper right corner

  3. Select “Manage access” on left side of page

  4. Add your team name under the “Manage access” section

  5. Select “write” to enable all team members to make commits