Project Roadmap#

Each project will progress through these stages:

flowchart of typical hackweek project timelines

Project Ideation and Team formation#

Weeks Before the Event#

We will form project teams in the month prior to the hackweek. As soon as you are accepted to the event we will invite you to Slack where you can begin exploring project ideas. Organizers will be available to answer questions and to help participants get connected with a project that fits their learning objectives.

Day 1 of the Event#

We facilitate a project team formation session on the first day of the hackweek. During this time we will finalize project goals and objectives. Hackweek organizers and facilitators will help each team set reasonable goals and develop a roadmap for task completion.


  • kick-off meeting focuses on hearing from each team member:

    • What are your unique learning goals?

    • How do you work best? What level of group interaction works for you?

    • What skills and background are you most excited to share with the team?

    • When are you available to meet?

  • set up team computing infrastructure on Slack and GitHub (Project Initialization)

  • project work begins and teams have regular check-ins to chart progress

  • project outputs are recorded in a GitHub repository


  • each team has 15 minutes to share what was learned, what challenges arose, what might be worth trying next

  • individual contributions to the group effort are recognized and celebrated

Communities of Practice#

  • We aspire to keep projects going after the hackweek! This is an optional (ideal) outcome of hackweek project work.

  • Project leads/helpers will transition to longer-term engagement via mentorship role (optional/with support).

  • Additional people join a growing Community of Practice (for example, centered on a community software library).

  • software, research results are packaged and shared/published.